About Us..

Our Story

PhiNik’s MobiPix Photo Booth Company began from a desire to merge fun with high-quality photo services for our clients. We wanted to give everyone the power to capture special moments in high definition and create lasting memories, without the need for fancy camera skills. Thus, PhiNik was born in June 2019.

Operating out of Atlanta, Georgia, we have brought memorable selfies to a number of parties, events, brands, agencies and event planners in the US. We provide modern, easy-to-use selfie setups that encourage people to have fun, interactive visual experiences. Moreover, our special branding features help your brand make amazing first impressions with your guests!

about the booth

We know photo booths are a retro concept, which is why we wanted to bring a modern look and feel into our selfie booths with sleek designs and high-tech lighting and camera equipment.

We do our research before every event. Each booth is open-air, easy to set up anywhere, and designed specifically according to your vision and aesthetic for your gatherings. Our design team creates personalized booths to fit party themes, and even does branding content on photo prints for your company. 

Clicking a photo in one of our booths is just like taking a selfie with a phone, but with better lighting and higher quality captures. And of course, experimenting with different props and backdrops adds on layers of fun to the typical selfie session.

Our mission

We help you elevate your events to create incredible memories and experiences. The world deserves to see your most special moments, and we help you capture, preserve and share them as they happen. Our services also help your brand leverage experiential marketing by delivering stand-out experiences for galas, openings, and conventions.

Our Vision

We aim to bring innovation and ingenuity to the photo booth business. Our team thrives on adventure, and PhiNik’s MobiPix has allowed us to mix, mingle, network, and serve some of the biggest names and companies out there!

Why Us?

We’re not just a typical photo booth service!


It’s our third anniversary! We’re excited to announce we’re hosting our 1st annual photobooth raffle. That’s right we’re giving you the opportunity to experience the PhiNik’s MobiPix Effect! 

Enter now for your chance to a win a Free 360 photobooth experience, right?  For more information click the link below!

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After being featured in too many magazines to mention and having created an online stir, we know that Nano is going to be big. You may have seen us in the Dinosaurs’ Den where we were we told that we didn’t need them.