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Selfies are here to stay, but blurry images and boring angles are long overdue for a change. PhiNik’s MobiPix Photo Booth Co. brings the magic of retro photo booths back in fresh, contemporary designs. We deliver high quality photo experiences for your guests with themed backdrops, sophisticated gear, branded prints and instantly shareable shots!

Amazing features for incredible shots

Phinik's mobipix
ring master

Given our penchant for clicking selfies, the appeal of our unique selfie booth is undeniable. Our Ring Master Photo Booth adds style, elegance, and a dash of attitude to every click- making it ideal for weddings, proms, birthdays, corporate occasions, and more.

Although it is a stationary booth, it is highly portable. Ring Master is our sleek and stylish looking ring light, ensuring that your guests enjoy studio quality lighting in every shot.


Phinik's mobipix
led booth

Forget about the stress of capturing moments with cameras, tablets and mobile devices. Our Roaming Cam set-up does all that and more. Our roaming cams come outfitted with technology that makes your selfies come alive in front of your eyes. Your guests can enjoy high-quality boomerangs, animated gifs, photos, and funky effects. 

We also offer instant social media sharing functions at the touch of a button, for all those fun times that beg to be shared with the world.


Phinik's mobipix
vanity box

Our Vanity Box is a portable lightbox, allowing for easy transportation and setup at a variety of venues, including hair salons, lounges, and restaurants. We can customize the frame to match the décor of your social or corporate event. The Mobipix Vanity Box helps you capture stunning images for a superb photo booth experience. 

Do more with your photos

Flattering HD Selfies

Our photo booths capture high resolution selfies with our professional camera gear and studio quality lighting. We also offer a range of stylish filters and backgrounds to add style to your shots.

Animated GIFs and Boomerangs

Animated GIFs and Boomerangs are all the rage on social media. Give your guests the option to watch their selfies come alive with attractive Animated GIFs and video loops.

Video Shoutouts

Let your guests get creative with our short 15 second video shoutouts. We make our photo booths the perfect marketing partner for your brand with our video shoutouts.


It’s our third anniversary! We’re excited to announce we’re hosting our 1st annual photobooth raffle. That’s right we’re giving you the opportunity to experience the PhiNik’s MobiPix Effect! 

Enter now for your chance to a win a Free 360 photobooth experience, right?  For more information click the link below!

Virtual Photo booths

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